Open browser activity in UiPath. UiAutomation.Activities 19.11.1 is not working in Edge browser extension 'UiPath Web Automation 2021.1'

When I am trying to open Edge browser using ‘Open Browser’ activity, I get an error Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension. Here I am using the UiPath.UiAutomation activity package version is 19.11.1 and Edge browser extension is ‘UiPath Web Automation 2021.1’

Studio version: 2021.10.0

Please help me in figuring out the root cause of this issue



Have you tried to reinstall edge extension ?

Yes. I reinstalled the edge extension

Can you share this snap of your extension?

Hi @Linto,

We had similar issue with Open Browser activity, turns out the issue is because one of the following minimum conditions are not met:

  1. Studio v19.10.6 or v20.4
  2. UiPath.UiAutomation activity package v19.11.3 or v20.4.x

You will have to upgrade your activity package version since 19.11.1 is not supported. Hope it helps.

Reference links: