UIPATH EXTENSION for Automate the web

Good Evng All,

I have created reusable activities while executing the BOT receiving below error.

HI @Kalaisri_K

Enable the Chrome extension


Hi @Kalaisri_K

Install UiPath extension to chrome browser and enable it from the browser:

Hi, Thanks for your email. I have enabled the extension in chrome however now receiving the below error.

Hi @Kalaisri_K

Are you use chrome or Edge browser?

If you use the chrome browser and install the extension on it, you can check the extension is working well by trying to select any selector for the browser when you can select that means the extension is working successfully.

can you share the selector to check which browser is used in the selector to clarify where is the issue?

Hello @Kalaisri_K

Are you able to record the web session? Just try to rwcord a browser and confirm whether its thori g any error of extension.

Also which version of uipath are you using??

Make sure that you installed the Microsoft Edge browser. Download the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium

Try to update UiAutomation.Activities to 20.10 or higher, and use Edge in Open Browser activity.

It may be also that your applications are opening in Edge browser in IE mode. How to enable IE mode on Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Q&A