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I have been using Studio Web for 1 month now without any problem (and I love it). In the context of a tutorial I uninstalled the UiPath Web Automation 22.5 extension to explain the process from the beginning.

But since then, I can’t use the Use Browser activity. I have the following error message: The current browser is not compatible with UI Automation. Use Chrome or Edge Chronium. I’m on Chrome and under version 108.0.5359.124 (see the screenshot).

Do you have any idea why Studio Web does not recognize the Chrome browser as compatible?

HI @louis.ragon

Do you have the extension in your chrome?

Go to chrome store and install it if not


Hi @Sudharsan_Ka

Thank you for your feedback. I was able to add the extension directly via the Chrome store and Studio Web can communicate with Chrome again!

Topic closed. Have a nice day

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