Not able to communicate with MS EDGE browser

Not able to communicate with MS EDGE browser. Below is the extension image.

Open browser: Cannot communicate with the browser, please check the UiPath extension.

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Try opening Ui-Explorer and indicate any of the element!

This is my old bot and now i am changing this to EDGE. It showing an error on opening of browser.

Hello @Puneet_Singh3

Please check the below doc to install the ms edge extension. Make sure it is installed and enabled.
Then try to automate.

Extension for Microsoft Edge.

hi @Puneet_Singh3

Please have a look,


Install the plugin from Studio (in the Tools menu) not from the web.


Try to upgrade the packages from manage packages!

  1. System.Activities
  2. UI automation.Activities


Hi @Puneet_Singh3,

First, uninstall the extension.Then try to install from studio. While doing this, you can start the studio as administrator.


Thanks @THIRU_NANI this is working now after updating packages.

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