Open Application Issue while opening file

How can we open file name “abc xyz.xlsx” using Open Application

give it the full path of the file in the file name field.

You want to use Open application activity it slef specifically.? if not you can use other multiple ways to open this xlsx file like start process or use send hot key (Win+r) then type path and enter or ther ways too.

Hi @vikram,

Not very clear about your requirement…

Do you want to see the data change of excel file so need to open it ? If that, you only need to use “Excel Application Scope” activity and select its “Visible” option , then do actions inside of it. The excel file will be closed automatically when out of “Excel Application Scope”.


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hey @vikram

As you asked only specific about Open Application Activity and how to open a file based on your problem statement so you can open file by passing a File Absolute path to Arguments Section of Open Application Activity :slight_smile:


Hi Vikram,

     The open application activity is used for opening application (exe) , 

To open file you can use Run Dialog by sending hotkey (Win+R) and then enter the path of the file by using Type into activity.
Hope this will help You



Use Start Process Activity just pass the the file path it will open the file with the default opened application


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I am providing complete path in arguments, but in case of any space in file name it is not working

Hey @vikram

It will work :slight_smile:


You can use the Arguments property from the Open application activity. Keep in mind that if the filepath includes spaces, you have to enclose it in double quotes, just like you would in Windows.

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