Open file nothing more

I need to open an excel file that is located on the desktop. I’m trying to use open application but I can’t seem to make it work. What do I write in File Name and Selector? I have tried everything I can google myself to but I am still really new at it… Can anyone help? Thank you

Hi @rikke,

I’ll suggest you to use start process activity and give full path of that excel file. it’ll be more convenient option.

I can see that is probably better to use but I cannot figure out what to input in the two fields. Can you help?

openExcelFile.xaml (12.8 KB)

Please refer this xaml. Update your file path.



In Arguments pass the file location along with file name and extension.
Then open that excel file and in Open Application Activity click on the Indicate window on Screen hover upon the Excel file and click on it.
After than just manipulate the selector with wild cards then it will work fine.


Thank you very much, it worked now.

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