Excel appliction scope:Excel could not open the file "~ $ Name.xlsx"

I encountered a problem. When I used the read range activity which belongs to excel to read an excel file, it prompted me that Excel could not open the file “~ $ Name.xlsx” because the file format or file extension was invalid. Make sure the file is not corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file.
But if use the activity which belongs to the workbook,it will be ok.
And the excel file path is used the method (system.io.directory.getfiles(“my directory path”)) to get.


Close the excel file and then try it.

Hi @maxzz

Use String array like strarr=Directory.GetFiles(“Your Directory Path”)
use for each item in strarry
and use excel application scope and pass the item value
and then try to check it

Ashwin S

@maxzz are you able to open it manually?

i did not open the excel file

yes i did

i used kill process,it did not work,are there any other activity can stop excel?