Only simulate key is working in production environment

All the click events are working fine in development machine(both through studio and orchestrator), but once we run it in production machine, only clicks with simulate key are working when we run through orchestrator. Both are windows servers. Did anyone encounter the issue before?

As per my knowledge, the development environment should be a replica of the production environment. If not, then you may face such issues. Make sure this prerequisite is met before you proceed with the development.

This happens if there is a layer that sits over an window/application which bot is trying to access and in this scenario simulate key works but not the other option.

Hi Can you tell me the pre-reqs. We made sure both are similar servers. It is weird, to see all the click activities fail. I am doing “login in to console” as well and in the error screenshot, we could see the icon or button clearly visible to click.

HI Akash,
Can you tell me, how we can identify the layer and resolve it. Because we are able to do the clicks, when we execute from studio, but not from orchestrator.

Layering is usually visible and is something that is out of control in perspective of uipath.
Another main reason that i found for this cause is purely because of environment changes.

So try to run same automation in another machine and check the behavior.

Hi, we do have two servers one for Robot and one for Orchestrator. Do you think, there are some security concerns in communicating with each other?

Hi @priyatham,

Were you able to find a solution to this issue?
Please let me know, since I am facing a similar issue.