Button click not working with Simulate click , with send window message it gives an error if VM is disconnected

I am facing an issue with a particular button in my code.
This button is not working if I use Simulate click = true, but works making Send WindowMessage = true, till my VM is connected.

But if VM is disconnected, and the bot is triggered from orchestrator, the process starts, initial button clicks where Simulate click = true work well, but this particular button is no clicking, failing further processes.

Either I need to a way to make simulate click work for it, which I am not able to understand why its not working,
I need a way to make button click with Send WindowMessage = true, and VM not connected.
Please guide

Hi @goel.saloni

I recall I had a similar problem a while ago, and it was regarding the Robot settings from orchestrator.
Can you please check if you have this settings as I have them?

  • Login to console Activated, Value = NO

Also please note that if a user session is on, it might also interfere with the bot, so please make sure you sign out from the Bot machine before the bot runs from orchestrator, that way you’ll have a 100% clean start.

Hope it helps!

Thanks for replying. I will try setting login to console as off

But where to find this setting?

You can find these setting in the orchestrator, under robots → options(three dots on right) → Setting.

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Got that . thanks.
But still same problem even after setting up Login to console to NO.
Button is not able to click when i disconnect from VM, and SendWindowMesage = TRUE

If I log off from VM, it says bot is disconnected.
“This job cannot run with the current folder configurations.
Windows process. This job can only run on a windows machine and there is none connected to this folder.”

Can you try with the default method?

Also, if you run it attended mode, from the Assistant, does the same click also fail?

If it is running good in following conditions:

  • I am logged on VM and can see the page infront of me.

  • Process is started on VM and I have just minimised the VM, and not closed it.

But when the VM is not actively open, and the process is trigerred from orchestrator it is failing.
There are some button before this partivular one, for which seting is SimulateClick =True. They work in all conditions.
But for this one, if I set Simulate click = True, it doesn’t work even infront .So I shifted to SendMessageWindows = TRUE