Issue with click

Hi Team

We are moving all BOTs to new machines and upgrading orchestrator. When tried to run BOT in new machine with new orchestrator click activities are not working which was running fine in old. It works only when simulate click is disabled.
What could be the cause.


can you try enabling sendWindowsMessage instead of Simulate?, some applications doest not allow to make that type of click so you can give a try with sendWindows, it will also work in background



Did you try using simulste click with the modern click activities


Not working with send windows message enabled.
Issue is we have hundreds of BOTS which were working fine in old server and this click activity is mainly failing in places where the menu’s are hidden( submenu which is not visible and can bee seen only when main menu is clicked).
With Minimal changes we would need the BOTs to work


If simulate in only click activity si not working then try with modern as auggested above…check if that works…then accordingly we can see what changes needs to be done…

Alternately…you can try adding a focus activity first before the click activity so that the required element comes into screen