Error when i launch process with orchestrator In rds machine

Hello everyone,

I have install the robot in remote desktop and when i launch process in this machine i got kick from the session and they are some activites ( click / type into / etc…) that dont work anymore but if I do it with assistant or with studio it work well.

I a missing something? i try to add catch error and retry the activities but nothing change

HI @BenjenB

Is the UiPath.Service.Host.exe is in running state?
go to task manager-> Details

If it is running have you checked those activities with enabling the property simulate click?


is better to have both send and simulate true or false? I use false most of the time

Use any one as true @BenjenB

Hi Ben,

You cannot have both of the options set to True.
Simulate click is faster so if it works I’d prefer this option if you use classic design.
You can read more about the methods on this page:


Simulate click and Send Windows Message will not work together. You have to enable the “Simulate click” or “Send Windows message”. You can disable if you don’t want any.

for your use case, if you enabled any of these two, It will work in the background, even though your Ui is not active in UI.

Simulate click is recommended since it is the fastest among all. But you have to make sure that your target element supports it. If not, you may go with Send Window message

Let’s try that case!

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I change all my simulate click to false et send windows to true. It seem to work been 40 min no error


Does it mean that your problem is resolved? :roll_eyes:

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thank it work @arjunvyshnav

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Welcome @BenjenB :innocent:

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