Online trial version of Orchestrator

Hi, I am a new comer of UiPath.
May I know how to use the online trial version of Orchestrator please?


Hi @GhostBuster

Maybe this link maybe usefull to you Orchestrator Docs

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Thank you for the reply.
I tried to understand the the doc in the link given by you. It mentions “installation” however it seems that only installation for Studio is available Community version. Does it mean that Orchestrator is not available for free version?

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Welcome to UiPath Forum

Orchestrator has free version( Orchestrator CE), it is cloud service.
You can register and connect your studio(or Robot in your local machine ) to ues it.

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Thank you. I will certainly take a look.

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Hi, @Natapong,

I am wondering how to connect Orchestrator CE to my studio or Robot.

There is no “Add” in the panel that I can add a Robot in Orchestrator CE. Also, when I want to set the Orchestrator in UiPath Robot, how do I get the “machine key”?

Thank you in advance.

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Hi, @GhostBuster

You can get machine key by the following:
1.Click [MACHINES] at Right menu bar.
2.Click [+] button to add machine

3.Click standard machine

4.Input your machine name and then click [PROVISION] button
5.Click […] after that click [View]

6.Click Copy button to copy Machine key

I hope that is useful for you.

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Hi, thank you for your info.
But I am using online version of Orchestrstor and the right panel is so simple that it only has few items such as Dashboard, User, Setting.

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You should be able to click “Services” and then your service name to view the screen that @Natapong shows above.



Hi @GhostBuster

The first screen that you found after login.
It is a UiPath Cloud Platform portal.

You can monitor your robot and using Licenses on Dashboard menu
Access to Orchestrator by click your service on Service menu
(Please see at @DanielMitchell reply)
Manage your user on User menu
Manage your licenses on Licenses menu
and access to useful resource on Resource center

for more information about UiPath Cloud Platform please refer below:

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Hi, @Natapong & @DanielMitchell,

Thank you so much for your quick and patient assistance. :+1::+1::+1: