Configuring Orchestrator + UiPath Robot

Hello guys

I’m trying to set up the Robot with Orchestrator. But I am facing difficulties, I hope you can help me in this task. I am using the trial version and intend to purchase the license if everything works perfectly.
I follow all the steps that are passed to be able to make the configuration, I go to the site “” I registered my robot and I got the key, in UiPath Robot I put the key and Orchestrator URL (“”) and click OK.
After a few seconds of frozen screen I get an error message, “A job has been canceled.”

Please help me.

Thank you

Hi ,
Could you please login to below orchestrator CE site and follows the same steps as earlier .

I had already done the same steps on this link (“”) but I could not solve it in the same way. Later in some forum post someone commented that the URL to the CE would be the domain “demo.”

I do not know what to do.

Saw couple of post on trouble configuring robot to orchestrator . Not sure why it’s occurring .iIts very simple steps .

It is now recommended to use
Did you create a new tenant?
Are you using the 2017.1.6414 Studio Community Edition?

I made a new one in each domain, both in the demo and in the platform

The CE version is just an .exe, so I downloaded the TRIAL version which is the stable version 2016.2.6379 and does not appear to update it.

Actually the steps that it puts are quite simple but whenever I try to connect the UiPath Robot with Orchestrator an error occurs.

I got nothing left in my pocket to resolve this :stuck_out_tongue: . may be @andrzej.kniola @richarddenton have some idea?

Trial versions use the same release pipeline as Pro (basically they are Pro, just time limited) and Pro is still on 2016.2.

If you’re trying to connect 2016.2.6379 to 2017.1 Orchestrator, you will have issues - they are not directly compatible, as far as I know.

Try with Community Edition, as @ovi suggested or contact UiPath sales/support, they should still have a 2016.2 Orchestrator for demo/evaluation.

I contacted the seller already, unfortunately it was scheduled for today morning but they did not contact.