How do I connect robot to orchestratorO

Hi I am new to UiPath and am currently learning Orchestrator for Developer on UiPath Academy. In Studio i’m using Community License which is the free version.

I am stuck at how to Connect Robot to the Orchestrator. I have check through the web that they need to put in Orchestrator URL and Machine Key but on my UiPath assistant , the Orchestrator URL is grayed out and there is no Machine Key text box to type in as shown in the image

Is is noted that my status is Connected but Unlicensed

Any help would be appreciated

click on connection type and change it to other option available there copy your url and machine key.
let me know if this works

Hi ,
I am unable to click anything on Connection Type
They drop down is not responsive

click on sign out and then try

did it work? @Amir_Firdaus

Hi ,
Sorry for the delay
Yes it worked , i am currently trying to connect the robot
But do i need to sign in again in order to do advanced training in the future?

no no
once you need to do that’s it
please mark it as solution

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Thank you very much!

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