One account multiple machine


Can we run an unattended process simultaneously on two different stations with the same user credentials using a modern folder?


Folder modern:

Template: test_machine

test_machine → serwer1-> robot1 → processA
test_machine → serwer2-> robot1 → processA

I have 4 unattended license

Yes, you can run on multiple machine with same user credentials. You create a different organizations for each machine.

And in the same folder?

Folder_modern:Test ->test_machine → serwer1-> robot1 → processA
Folder_modern:Test ->test_machine → serwer2-> robot1 → processA

I don’t want to create new folders

Can you tell me how to do it?


Thought from my side.

Create two standard machines in the modern folder and assign two un attended licenses. we can concurrently run the process with these two machines.

you have to create generic user and get access the two machine we mentioned above so that we can concurrently run the jobs without any issues. Thanks.

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thanks for the answer, it works

Your most welcome.

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