'On Element Vanish' and 'Wait Element Vanish' not working

Hi all,

In React app, I’m trying to trigger some activities on disappearing loading wheel but ‘On Element Vanish’ and ‘Wait Element Vanish’ activities not working. Even though that loading wheel disappear but subordinate activities not working and at last timeout exception occur.


Hi @zain.abideen

Try out the same code with element exist activity , the result will be boolean by the result we can process the flow


In my case, ‘On Element Vanish’ and ‘Wait Element Vanish’ will work more efficiently. I’m already using ‘On Element Exist’


Can we try increase the time out on element vanish activity and see it is waiting until element disappear from the screen. I sense it is due to timeout it should wait for corre t time intil thr ui element disappear. Thanks.

@kirankumar.mahanthi1 I wish but the scenario is the element disappear within 30s but the subordinate activities not working.

like loading wheel ends less than 30s but it waits for 30s after that it shows error.

@Robinnavinraj_S using this it detect the existence of loading wheel but when loading end after dynamic time period how can this known to me. After loading wheel further activities will proceed.

In this case my suggestion would be to wait not active property set true and Wait for ready → complete and we can increase the time out incase we are not sure on the loading part disappearing time. we can have 60000(60 sec) it should be conditional delay no issues. and also use element exist activity for the subordinate activities. please try and let us know. thanks.

the output will in true or false
Using if activity by passing the value of element exist we can achieve this

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