Wait element/image Vanish not working properly

I am using the wait element vanish activity because i need a web page to load before typing the text.
I am using a reliable selector and i have tried using the wait for ready property in all the 3 options, the wait not active and the wait not visible properties are selected too and it stills does not wait for the element disapearing or vanishing from the screen only waits about 45 seconds even if i change the timeout to 99999 (timeout should be used for waiting before throwing error right). Also tried using the image vanish activity and the same happens.
See example attached.
Please i really need to solve this ASAP.
ProblemExample_Trim.zip (2.8 MB)

The element is probably still present on the screen but changed the style to display=none, thus hiding the element rather than making it truly disappear. Add style='display:*block; to your selector and see if that works.

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The element still the same because after a fez minutes ir use the “Validate” and “hilight” option in the selector editor and it recognizes.
Can you please tell me how to add it to the selector?
This is an example of my actual selector (see image attached)

Just add style='display:*block; before the /> for the webctrl section.

Tried it and now it doesn’t even highlight the item in debug mode with the red square.
It just continues as if it has already recognized and vanished.