On element vanish

Hi all,
I want to want until a popup gets vanishes and continue with the next activity, so i have taken On Element Vanish activity but I am always getting time out error.

Can anyone please help me

HI @hanviprebday

Have you tried with Element Exist or Image exist activity?

Ya i tried both are not working as expected so trying with On Element Vanish


If the pop up still exists then increase the timeout


Hi @hanviprebday

Instead of using the On element vanish activity use the element exist activity. It is also Classic activity.

Hope it helps!!

can you try the element vanish in retry scope, sope it can for some more time, or else, you can use any flow chart for this issue, and run a kind of loop to run it with a counter, and when it vanishes with some flag it can come out of that. Just a suggestion. It might help. If the time is longer than usual sometime.

If you use On Element Vanish, remember to disable RepeatForever option.

The modern activity counterpart would be Check App State activity.

please use modern activity: check app state. stop using on element appear / on element vanish…

in check app state set wait for = element to disappear
set timeout (seconds) = 30s , note that default is 5s thats why you should overwrite it!
set visibility check , = FULLY VISIBLE, then it will work

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