"Wait Element Vanish" Issue

Hi guys, I tried to use “Wait Element Vanish” without specified any elements to wait for the page to load completely and it seems to be working fine, but I wonder what it really doing in the background.

Thank you.

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Wait Element Vanish will wait till the timeout (30 sec as per your in the screenshot).
Activity will not thrown any errors because of ‘ContinueOnError’ property set as ‘True’.

Dear GBK,

     Thank you for your reply. I tried to change 'ContinueOnErrror' as 'False', but it still continue and it does not wait until 30 sec.

@WEERASIR - Timeout should provide in milliseconds -
provide the required seconds to wait… 3000 is 3 secs.

Even after I changed to 30000 or 30 secs, it still does not wait until 30 secs. That makes we wonder what element it waiting for.’

Thank you very much.

you can refer https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/wait-ui-element-vanish
for a detailed description of element properties…

Thanks a lot

@WEERASIR - how do you know if it is working fine? What happens if you disable this activity? Is the behavior still the same?

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Is wait element vanish activity if added without choosing any element then it won’t literally perform with that activity while the workflow is executed
It will just pass through that activity and won’t wait for any element or even to the default timeout value of that activity

That’s the reason buddy
And Wait element vanish activity Will work only on indicating any element
Else it will pass through that activity without performing on it


@Palaniyappan thank you! I think I found the answer.

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