Activity "Wait element vanish" - Doesn't work when the image disappears

I’m working with a web application which takes a long time to reload info. Whilst the data is loading appears in the screen a gif image that disappears when the data has loaded in the screen.
I thought the best way to know when the load has finished is waiting that image has vanished, but the activity “Wait element vanish” doesn’t work properly in my process or maybe any other thing is wrong.
In the selector I’m just using this attributes (I used UIPath explorer and deleted the dynamic data):

<html app='firefox.exe' title='Application GUI' />
<webctrl id='spinner' tag='IMG' src='JSXAPPS/GUI/img/loading_big.gif' />

In the options I’ve checked and unchecked the options waitNotActive and WaitNotVisible but none of the combinations have worked.
The error I have is an “activity timeout error” even when I’ve have visually checked that the image has disappeared.

What else can I try?

Have element exist check which return true or false
in while loopuntil element exist is false give 30 sec delay and go back and check element exist, in this way you can keep you activities safe(will not reach timeout error) once element exists then while loop will get break and flow will continue.


you can use Element exists or Image exists activity to check whether the particular page has been loaded.The bot will wait until the element gets loaded . If it is not refresh the broswer or the page

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Thanks for your response. I’ve done it with your aproach and it works (but changing the states, I can continue when the element doesn’t exist).
So regarding activity “Wait element vanish”, what could happen before? With variables and the activity “Element exist” I’ve been checking whether the element was existing or not and it should have worked also before…

Thanks for your response. The aproach was a bit different, the image was existing whilst the web page was loading, just when doesn’t exist the image, the data is loaded.Anyway, your message was also useful : )