Object Repository - Window Selector Change to sync to Elements

Hi Team,

So we have been using object repository for almost all of our automations and with new activity migration that has increased a lot. But I see few pain points or some enhancements that might speed up the work and also at the same time help the developers to get the details quick and without errors

  1. Whenever we edit a descriptor and save …the ui tree or the object repository tree gets reset to the initial position automatically. When we have multiple elements to edit it is very difficult or unnecessary time consumption to scroll and select again to edit the next element.
  2. When we capture any of the elements, for each element, a window selector is automatically captured. It would be great to have a feature to sync the window selector from the parent page in the object repository tree. That way edit of window selector on the page element will automatically reflect in the subsequent elements that are used under the page element. Else we have to edit the window selector for each element separately. As most of the times we would have wildcards used in the titles to help with multiple variations, this change will help in reducing the rework on each element for window selector change and also maintenance would be easy and error free

Studio Version: 22.10.3


@Anil_G great feedback, thank you. Let me take it in the backlog and consider it for future releases.

Thank u.

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Has this been implemented yet even 23.4 seems having this issue