Object Browser / UI Library

This is a separate post to allow discussion about this new feature of 20.4 release.

I did a bit of testing and couple of questions/issues pops up:

1/ I would expect something that is not so tightly bound to a particular project - a truly independent object repository to be shared by multiple projects.

2/ I can not see other way for upgrade from AppV1 to AppV2 but copy the whole project. I can not have particular app twice (two version) in one project. Is it right?

3/ New object creation - When screen/element is added using the (+) button there is no way to define its descriptor. So the only way how add new object is “Add to library” at activity level. Is that right?

4/ “Edit Window Selector” doesn’t work if informative screenshot is missing.

5/ “Edit Element” - Selector fails to validate in “Edit Selector” - it doesn’t take into account “screen” to build full selector (like does Selector Editor invoked from activity).

6/ After update of object selector (via “Edit Screen” > “Edit Window Selector”/“Edit Element” > “Edit Selector”) this is not automatically reflected in Selector property of activity referencing updated object. It is only updated next time the file is opened. This is misleading. Also relates to 10/

7/ It would be fine to have “Go to Descriptor” from an activity context menu.

8/ “Remove Reference” - In case an activity references an Object it would be fine to add “Remove Reference” option.

9/ What will happen when UI Library referenced in project is removed?

10/ What takes precedence at run time: activity selector property or referenced object selector ?

11/ It is still allowed to edit Selector of activity referencing to Object. Should be the Reference removed in case it is updated? Or offer “Update Descriptor”? This leads to inconsistency between activity selector and object selector. This is misleading. Also relates to 10/

12/ Allow update screenshot in “Edit Screen” / “Edit Element”.

13/ Show screenshot for objects from UI Library.


Hi @J0ska

Maybe not a very timely response, but I believe quite some points of your feedback have already reached further iterations of Object Repository :slight_smile:

Please feel free to reiterate on your original feedback in the light of the latest version :slight_smile: