[Object Repository] - Why are all my Window Selector for nested activities wrong / missing something?


First: I use modern activities

so I have created a object repository for an application in my company. The top level window I captured with “Add Application”.

Then inside this application another secondary window opens which I captured as “Add Screen” and looks like this:

<wnd app='main.exe' ctrlname='Main' />
<wnd ctrlname='PoDetailsForm' />

Inside this window I want to for example add a click event etc.

So the second tag <wnd ctrlname='PoDetailsForm' /> is really important here.
I then drag and drop this window in UIPath and inside I drag and drop a click activity.
I then click on “Indiciate in Myappsname 1.6.1…” - after I click the selector’s window property looks like this:

So it’s missing the important part: <wnd ctrlname='PoDetailsForm' />
Because then when I click on validate, it instantly loads and can’t validate it. When I manually put in this line from above, it will find it again.

Why does object repository not insert the whole “window selector” here as its suppoed to? Is this a bug or do I use it wrong?