Fixing Window Selector when capturing new elements

Whenever I record elements on a new screen, I have to Edit Descriptor and fix Window Selector of each element in the Object Repository where I remove the app version from title tag. I fix it by adding * in place of the app version number so that it would work no matter which version we’re testing with.

Example of what I change Window selector to in a screen element and in each individual element within that screen:

<html app='chrome.exe' title='SCREEN NAME * APP NAME *' />

This is a very repetitive task that takes forever (I’ve done at least a hundred of these elements by now and there are a lot more to do). Is there a way to do this more efficiently?

In an ideal world, when I capture new elements and add them to a screen, I would only need to fix the title in the screen’s Window Selector - why doesn’t this propagate to all elements within this screen?

Alternatively, is there an option to bulk modify the Window Selector in many elements at once?
Any ideas?

On a related note, it sounds similar to what this person was requesting:

A way to sync elements within a tree sounds like a good solution.

For reference, I’m using Studio Enterprise 2023.10.4