Not Getting Email ALerts

The E-mail alert functionality in the orchestrator has been activated and configured according to the guidelines but no E-mails have been processed yet.

Fatal and Error alerts can be sent via email messages to users if they meet the following criteria:

  • the Enable Alerts Email check box from the Settings page is selected.
  • the email settings are properly set up in the Settings page. For more information, see Setting Up Email Alerts page.
  • users have a valid address specified in the Users page.
  • View permissions for the Alerts page.
By default emails are triggered every 10 mins. This can be configured 
  <add key="PeriodicErrorMailJobCron" value="0 0/10 * 1/1 * ? *" />

For more details, refer below guide:

For Orchestrator 2019.10.x and above:

  • Please check if the Users are subscribed to alerts.  Click on username Icon ->My Profile

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