Not receiving alert emails

Our organization is no longer receiving alert emails from Orchestrator. The issue seems to have started when we updated Studio and Orchestrator to 2021.10.

Any thoughts? Has anyone else experienced this?

I have seen issues when the user is not added to the folder in which the notifications are being sent from. This was in version 2019 and 2020. I have not yet upgraded to 2021. Did you change how users access the tool? If you moved to group access instead of defined user access, this could be the issue.

Description : When a user requests to begin receiving alerts for their tenant.

​​​​​​​ Issue: Email alerts are not received by user.

  1. Login to appropriate tenant

  2. Select Tenant from the left panel then Users from the top ribbon

  3. Select the ellipses next to the user that is requesting alerts and select Check Permissions

*note: the user must login to Orchestrator at least once for their ID to show in the users list

  1. Take note of the user’s inherited Tenant permissions

  2. Select the ellipses next to the user that is requesting alerts and select Edit

  3. Select the role inherited from the previous steps and select Update

  4. Select the folder under the left panel then select Settings from the top ribbon

  5. Select the plus button then select Assign Directory User or Group

  6. Add the user and select Assign

  7. Confirm the user now shows an explicit role under settings

  8. Ensure you inform the user to turn off Triggers on their profile or they will receive false alerts

a. Select the user initials on the top right then select My Profile and turn of Triggers

Thanks for the reply Robert. :grinning:

We did not make any changes to how users access Orchestrator. I did walk through the steps you provided. Everything was in good order there.

Have you tried the email setup again under the tenant settings to ensure email is working?

Thanks for the follow up reply Robert!

It looks like some of the email related settings have shifted around with the 2021.10 update. Note - we are setup on prem. There are host administration portals - not 100% sure they are brand new, but certainly new to me. Host administration portals I checked out the management portal in particular, where email settings reside, and discovered our SMTP username and password had been blanked out. We added those credentials and perform a successful test.

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Glad to hear you found it! I’ll keep this in mind when we upgrade in a couple months.

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