Not connected to Uipath Robot Service

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I have installed the UiPath Studio and bot recently. The studio is working but whenever I try to start a process it states that the UiPath Robot Service is not started even though the service is running.
If anyone knows the solution please reply.

Hi @sankalp139,
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Can you show us the error and it’s details if it’s possible? The related error from Event Viewer would be also nice :slight_smile:

I have uploaded a screenshot please take a look at it.

Please check your version of Robot and Studio. Have you done any update? Is it Enterprise Edition?

The Version for my UiPath Studio is 2018.2.3 Enterprise edition and the version for the UiPath bot isn18.4.5.0

Not sure about it but this might be the problem, that versions are different. Have done any update recently?

No , I have installed UiPath Studio and Bot for the first time yesterday

Have you used MSI package from (Resource Center tab)? This package should already install Studio and Robot together. They should be same version.

I actually had two files one of them was UiPath Platform Installer and the other one was UiPath Studio setup. So I install the UiPath Studio Setup first and used my license for it’s installation. So , when I started installing the UiPath Platform Installer it was asking for license again and I did not have another license key for that.

UiPath Platform Installer is installer for Orchestrator, Studio and Robot. If you want to have your own Orchestrator this is the installation file with all of them bundled. The second file is only for Robot and Studio. Probably because you have used both installer the version of Studio and Robot are different.

Please remove and uninstall everything and install Studio and Robot from UiPathStudio Setup if you want just those two. If you want those two and your own Orchestrator as well then use UiPathPlatformInstaller.

So, in case if I uninstall everything and install the studio again will the same license key be valid to activate the studio again.

It shouldn’t be a problem as you are installing on same device so it will be same device id.
In case you have also regutil tool regutil -deactivate. All described here: