Communication Error with Robot Service


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Pls make sure robot is created and connected with that machine as I could see the robot assistant shows CONNECTED AMD UNLICENSED

Usually unlicensed comes when robot is not yet created and assigned with the machine

Cheers @devashish1989

What steps to follow I dont see any option

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First let’s restart the robot service and give a try
Go to start → search as services → and click on that and search there for uipath robot and right click it and restart the service

This will work if you have already created the robot and connected to your machine

But if you haven’t created so far then have a view on this doc on how to connect robot to orchestrator

Cheers @devashish1989

Dont UiPath Robot service in services.msc

Now try reconnecting again in robot assistant and give a try if you have a robot created n orchestrator

If not create and then connect it to robot assistant



In what mode did you install UiPath? Service or User mode?