No robot service have in Services of windows

Installer(.exe or .msi): 2019.4.0 Community Edition EXE Installer

License type(Free, Trial/License code): External

Studio/Robot version: 2019.4.0

Current behavior:


I am using Uipath Studio 2018.3 and i want to try new version 2019.4.
After run UiPathStudioSetup.exe from download link, I access to it and run example program then got error “robot service not start”.
So, i try find that service c1 but not found, it have only service for old version.
I go to folder contains new version c2
and test run all file can open.
File “UiPath.Agent.exe” open robot following some error, but robot of old version is running normalc3 (Blue is old version and red is new version).
Anyone solve it or new solution for this?

Hi @sang96011

Welcome to the Community!!
As I have experienced the posts posted by some users, having multiple versions of the UiPath studio can run into issues. Please delete the older version first and make sure you delete all files under below folder


Now, install a fresh installation of the new version. This should work for you.

Since now you have installed both versions, uninstall them both and try again…

Let know how it goes

If it works out for you, please make sure to mark the answer as the solution so it could help others too :slight_smile:


Thanks @Lahiru.Fernando,
It work, but I discovery that, new version don’t need service, it use a process name “UiParth.Service.UserHost.exe” for that.

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