Not able to select the dropdown value while doing automation in uipath

please find the image in this highlighted dropdown am not able to select the value have use typeinto activity and select item but that is not working please suggest the solution

Click to open the list, then Click to select the item you want.


You can use this Activity :slight_smile:

He says he tried that and it didn’t work. It probably isn’t actually a SELECT element.

If you haven’t done with Inject JS script yet. You could try with this example here How to select specific item in drop down list by the item's index - #4 by Dawid_Nguyen I had the same problem with dropdown too and tried every possible way except Inject js script. Hope it help.

Click activity is also not working

What does “not working” mean? You have to be specific or nobody can help you.

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Try to enable the Simulate click and check once

Hey Buddy,
Try with this
Use (Activity Name) Click Text.
And pass the Variable

Battle Bots.

have tried to click the dropdown with click activity but it’s not clicking and going to the next activity without any error and also have enabled the Simulate click

Show us your selector for the click activity. Show us your properties panel for the click activity.

Could able to respective Selector ??

Is this a public web page? Give us the URL so we can test.

Hey Buddy,
Use Get Attribute & Try.
Check Which Attribute return "TX - Texax"eg
And Add that particular attribute
For instance : if aaname = TX - Texax means
Check that aaname attribute.

Happy Battle Bots.