Select item activity not performing

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I have a drop-down menu to select a specific option, when I try to use select item activity and indicate the field it says control doesn’t support select item

hi @Praveen_Sood

ideally u can follow a diff approach

you should be possible to use the click activity, only thing is your selector should be dynamic.

Use two click activities ,one two expand the dropdown… the other click activity to click on the item you need…

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Hi @Praveen_Sood ,
To select item form dropdown, you can use select item with dynamic value to get correct it


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Hi @Nguyen_Van_Luong1

But the problem is select item activity is not supporting…it’s saying the control doesn’t support select item

Thanks @nikhil.girish

Was actually thinking to follow this approach itself …but wanted to confirm once

Hello @Praveen_Sood

if the “Select Item” activity doesn’t work for a dropdown, try alternative methods like “Click” combined with “Type Into” or “Send Hotkey” to interact with the dropdown and its options. If the dropdown is complex or custom, you may need to explore more advanced techniques like JavaScript injection or image-based automation.

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Can you share screen short about this website and error when use select items
have you tried click and send hot key


You can use 2 click activities

1 click for clicking on it
2 click is indicating the element

For the second click we basically get the selector with the help of visual tree which is in ui explorer


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Hi @Praveen_Sood

In Some websites for dropdown the select Item activity doesn’t work. In that case we can use the Click activities.
=> Use click activity and indicate the dropdown to drop the options in it.
=> Use for each Ui element activity and indicate the dropdown options.
=> Inside for each insert If condition and give the below condition.

- Condition -> CurrentElement.Contains("Give the option name you want to select")

=> Inside If condition insert the Click activity in then block and open the properties of click activity and pass the CurrentElement in the Input Element option. No need to indicate any element.

It is the dynamic way, you can use it easily.

Hope it helps!!

There are different other ways to handle this
Check this out for some idea

Cheers @Praveen_Sood

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