Not able to select Drop down

I am unable to select item from the drop down and attached the error screenshot. Can any one help me in solving thisCapture

I also tried the click activity by selecting SimulateClick option, but it also don’t works

@Vineeth_Burle Can you show us the Selector of that dropdown ?

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Hey @Vineeth_Burle :wave:

If you want to use a drop-down, kindly share the screenshot of the selectors.

You could also use a Type Into activity to directly type the value instead of selecting it from the drop down.

for reducing the manually effort to retrieve the selector / element infos have a look here:

Hi @Vineeth_Burle,

It should be possible to use the click activity and only thing is your selector should be dynamic.

Use two click activities one two expand the dropdown the other click activity to click on the item you need.

How to get the selector is expand the list and get the selector for one item. In the selector the aaname tag is the part that holds the value. Make that part dynamic by introducing a variable in the selector.