To automate drop down getting selector issue

Hi All,

I am trying to automate the page which contains three dropdowns and textbox fields.
But while automating this facing selector issues. Not able to click and select the specific dropdown value.

I tried below activities:
a. First, Click on the dropdown and select the particular value by ‘Type into’ activity.
b. Even I tried with ‘select item’ activity but still facing same issue.

Can anyone help me?


If you try with Select Item activity what error are you getting ?

Is Select Item activity able to identify that drop down list or not ?

Make sure there are no spaces in the input for Select Item. it should be exactly like the text you are trying to select in the dropdown

your can ues select item activity then use name
if you geting error form name …you can use index value
go to selectors and change to name and index value as per your requirement

No,Not allowing to select the item

Not able to select the values by ‘select item’ activity

then you have to use type into activity and go to selector change index value


Then use two click Activities.

  1. First click activity to click the drop down list.

  2. Second Click activity to select item from drop down list. For this click one of the item from list and make Selector dynamic to pass variable into it. I guess selected value be there in aaname attribute. Instead of this you have to pass variable into it.

I will try this

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The 2 click approach from @lakshman would be the next Option to try and is. In some cases select boxes are resistent for select Item Activity. Sometimes a Simple delay before max 10000 MS Time Out helps to find Out of bot IS too fast ( but only for rnd purpose)

In Case of the select Box ist still Not reacting next Analysis Work is to send a hotkey to the Box ( e.g. down in First element to select Second) or combining find children, select Item of interest from the children list and use IT within a click Activity. Kindly Note. Mentioned Options are to find Out in what the combox Box is interacting. The final solution ist to derive Fron the Analysis results

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Is the issue resolved ?

Hi Lakshman,

since this issue is one that keeps creeping for us beginners, can someone who have knowledge about this issue of dropdown(Select Item Activities) and Click Activities create a video so that we can be able to follow it, instead of always getting different answers that doesn’t work after we tried and tried :frowning: :’( can someone please do a video on how to solve this issue :frowning :sob: :sob: i have been trying to solve this for weeks now and honestly the forum people are not really helping with suggestions that are half :sob: :sob: