Hi Team, I'm using a select Item activity for a drop down list but when i run bot it doesn't take value

In Select Item Activity bot doesn’t take value

Too vague, can you provide more details?


Provide more details. Check aaname under “Fuzzy Selector” in Input property.

If select item doesnt select the option for you, you could also try typing into the dropdown, most of these support typing options too. ( You might have to hit an Enter key to select the value)


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Hi, I don’t think Select Item activity will be supported by the above selector. As a workaround, you can try typing into the filed as mentioned above. If that also does not work, you can pass hotkey of the text after activating the item and hit enter.

User a Click activity to open drop down, another Click activity to select item.


The best option seems to be type into. if that not works then use what @michael.zura has suggested.

Thank you But i can’t use click activity for two time when i back to the page this popup will be go down so for second click activity i can’t able to select uielement or selectors

after selecting drop down, when selecting item, press F2 to pause, and re-open drop down, then you can select item.


As suggested earlier, use type into activity to type into the drop down element and then hit enter using the same to select your desired value.

Hope this helps.