The activity Select Item is not working, Type Into and click

Hi all,

The activity Select Item is not working, I already looked for several solutions, such as (2 Clicks and Type Into) but I didn’t get satisfactory results. The furthest I got was using 2 clicks and inserting the AANAME data as variable, but when the item is at the end of the list, the studio cannot find it.

Here is the challenge url:


can you please use UiExplorer tool to get appropriate selector?
can I also paste screenshot of drop down list? i opened up site but could not find dropdown list you wanted


How about the following sample? (2.9 KB)


Hi @Israel_Silva
check this please
Main.xaml (12.9 KB)

i had done it for image

this uielement for sample

Hope it helps


Nived N

Tk man, this solution solved my problems

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