[HowTo] - easy UiElement Attributes / Selector Info Retrieval # Reply - Get Element Info Activities Introduction

Often the analysis of an UiPath.Core.UiElement and sharing the results is needed very fast, but cannot be done directly. So this task leads to a lot of manual steps and the person executing it maybe has sometimes less practice to do this.

We published a custom library on Connect supporting on this:


Also here in the Forum we do often request and share information about UiElement attributes and / or selector details. It is done often by screenshots but also the requests for more / complete information is causing the repetition of all the manual steps again.

In the following sections the modelling of a workflow is presented and the resulting process will help to retrieve and collect information of 1 or more UiElement(s) in a batch mode.

Creating a Batch Inspection Process

Setting up the dependency

  • ensure the Connect feed is enabled:

  • Click on Connect, Filter with Reply.Get and select Reply.GetUiElementInfoActivities

  • Click on Install, Save, Agree to the Open Source Licence and include it into your project


  • open the auto created Main sequence
  • drag and drop the Reply > UiElement > Batch Get UiElement Info to the Main.xaml
  • Configure the activity:
    doLogging - Controlling if it writing logs
    InfoDataTable - the Datatable populated with the results from the UiElement Inspections

Lets assume we want to write the info to an EXCEL file

  • configure a write range as we following
    BatchResult.xlsx - the Path/Filename to the output Excel
    Scheet1 - the worksheet name
    dtElementInfo - the datatable variable from above

Publishing / Deployment

as usual:


  • run the Bot
    Kindly note: the Process Name will be as configured by your UiPath Project settings and can differ

  • Indicate the item of interest:
    the well known hot keys are working: F2 Pausing, F4 Changing the Automation Framework

  • Confirm if you want to indicate an addtional element or end the batch:

Once it is done refer to the created Excel, stored on the location you have configured within the modelling

Thats All


Feedback / Ressources

General Questions / Modelling / Configurations:
Open a new Topic here in the Forum

Bugs / non Functions:
Open a new Topic here in the Forum along with the information to replicate it

Project Page: https://connect.uipath.com/marketplace/components/reply-get-uielement-info-activities

Project Page: https://connect.uipath.com/marketplace/components/reply-get-uielement-info-activities


Thats a nice Work, will look into this

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Saved me a lot of time in my last client training session, nice post :yum:

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