Not able to indicate element using element exists

Hello everyone,
I am trying to indicate a pop up on Acme site using element exists but it starts to indicate the whole page. I have tried it with IE browser and chrome too. But it doesn’t work with any. Can anybody help me.

@Akshita_Singh Can you Show us the Pop up?

@supermanPunch This is how the whole page gets selected instead of the pop up

@Akshita_Singh Which Browser are you using ?


Hello, make sure that your UiPath Extension is installed correctly…


IE Internet explorer @supermanPunch

I did that twice or thrice but its showing like this only. @mz3bel

@Akshita_Singh Have you Directly Checked with Get text Activity and checked if it can Indicate the Text you want to Extract?


Open UiExplorer, and try to inspect the element in that page…

If you’ve successfully enabled, it’ll work for sure. Just try closing the browser then re-enable it. (Just a try :sweat_smile:)