Element-exist ONLY FOUND ONCE after indicating the element

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I used the ‘Element Exist’ to check if there is a specific button that appears on the website.
However, it only worked correctly only the times that I just indicate the element on the screen.

I tried several browsers (IE, Chrome and Firefox), and they all had the same issue.
The Studio did NOT throw any errors, just showing the else condition that ‘There is NO XYZ button’.

I am new here with the UIPath, could anyone guide me what I need to be considered about this issue?


Hi @Sirijuntra i did not understnad by the term indicate on screen what u mean by that?


If the website is public you can share the url and explain which button in website

IF not, Can you share the screenshot of the website and selector also


HI Sirijuntra,

Could you please check below steps and see if it is working.

  1. Indicate the element in element exist
  2. Highlight the element ( ideally it should highlight)
  3. Wait for few min and try highlighting again (your saying it is not working)
  4. Now press F5 or reload the browser once.
  5. Try highlighting the element before making any changes to the attributes

Let us know after doing step 5, if it is highlighting correctly.

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Thanks for your reply and sorry for an unclear explanation.
I was mentioning about the selector options which you can find on the attached screenshot.

Without inidcating the screen if u pass the selector directly to the activity tgn it should works fine

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Can you paste the selector here?


Just to answer @Srini84 that
" It is a public website. Just wanna try if I could place an order with Uipath."
Also @mohammedsameer.ali1 @NIVED_NAMBIAR and @Pradeep_Shiv, Please kindly find the attached screenshot and the selector below,

I tried the steps what @mohammedsameer.ali1 have suggested, with and without logging in.
As it turned out that somehow without logged-in user, the robot works fine which I am not quite sure that it is relevant.

My selector for the ‘Add To Cart’ button is

<html title='*' />
<webctrl id='add-to-cart' tag='BUTTON' aaname='Add to Cart' innertext=' Add to Cart ' idx='1' />

For the rough idea about the programme,
I’d like to create a sequence of placing the order on the Website that the product is now ‘not available’. The product | The expected position for Add To Cart Button
As a result, I need to check if the ‘Add to Cart’ button exists, then continue placing the order.

At the moment, the selector seems to work well without logging in the user.
I will work on that, and thanks so much for your help and please let me know if there is any advice or ideas what happened with the previous errors.


Is the issue resolved.?

I guess the browser was deleting the page cache after some time. But we might have to analyze more if the issue appears again.

I guess so, also thanks so much for your time!

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