Element Exist giving True value even if the element doesn't exist

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I am using Element Exist activity to check a pop up message after loading a page in Oracle Cloud in Process state.

Sometimes even if the pop up is not there the variable is coming as True.

How is that possible ?

UiPath can find the element even if it’s hidden from the human eye. If you want to make that the element exists and is visible, use the Find Element activity instead and check the option “WaitVisible”.


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have a check on following:

popup never has been displayed: what is the element exists status
popup exists - element exists returns true

  • check if the element attribute with the name relativeVisibility triggers the display status

You should be on modern and using Check App State as it has better options available to handle these type of things.

try to give the valid selectors and check

This has seemed to resolve the issue. No issue found so far.

Thanks @ptrobot

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