Element exist not working when checking browser

Is this a bug?

I am trying do a check weather the website logged in , I am using the element exist activity and the selector is correct and the ui explorer highlight works when the browser open and logged in. But the element exist is outputting “True” all the time, weather the browser is open or not. I am using IE as a browser, IT looks like a bug, otherwise even when the browser is closed , why would the selector highlighting like the image below like the browser exist ? this is the case with other specific selector too like website logo or user account name element etc, UI explorer highlight weather the element exist or not hence the element exist activity return true all the time

current selector i want to work -

I suggest that you use UIExplorer to add more details to your selector. At the moment the selector is quite broad

Change the properties of Element Exists.
WaitForready state to interactive or complete
Also try to get more unique selectors through ui explorer.

Hi jay,

It looks like you are using partial selector, try using full selector and also add more attributes to the selector.

I just need to see if the tab is open on a site. The issue is why would UIExplorer even detect since i am asking for html with specific site description?

@Jay_Chacko The tag, attribute and the value in the selector you have used is not representing the selector of the site.

And also if you see Edit selector, you can see only the title tag with out any html app mentioned in it. This is the reason you are getting boolean output as true even if the element you are looking for is not on the screen.

Please try indicating element again and specify more of the tag’s and attributes in Visual tree inside UI explorer. This should work.

From the selector you have shown, the title is more generic. Use wildcards in the title and include more specifics in your selector. Please provide screenshots of the element and the selector for more clarity.

<html title='Availity Web Portal - *' url='https://apps.availity.com/public/apps/home/*' app='iexplore.exe' />

i used this selector , but still ui explorer is highlighting when IE is closed

@Jay_Chacko It looks like the site you are using is not supported by Internet Explorer (i.e. the site in not compatible in IE).

Try using chrome and check if you face the same issue.

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So far it is as far as clicks, text grabs and other things, this seems to be the only time it happens. But how would this be IE issue anyway if the selector is consider valid by UIPath when the browser is not open , Only reason i don’t use chrome is because chrome is not fully compatible as far as selecting certain buttons and text grabs etc.

<html title='Availity Web Portal - *' url='https://apps.availity.com/public/apps/home/*' app='iexplore.exe' />
<html title='Availity Web Portal - *' url='https://apps.availity.com/public/apps/home/*' app='iexplore.exe' />

Try using Attach window and get the selector inside it. Try to put more selectors in like aaname or idx etc.
Change the title to Availity*.

If you use Attach window, what ever u select inside that container will be happening within that. Try if that helps.

Funny you said that, that’s exactly how i acquired the selector, the selector from ‘element exist’ activity wasn’t getting me any ware
When i Choose the selector(see the bottom of the image IE is open)

When i close the browser (see the bottom of the image IE is not there)

@praseedplk i tried still same, used unique selectors too , see above

Dude, There is nothing funny here :slight_smile: i asked you to place Attach window and not Attach browser.
Attach window enables u to attach window which is already opened and performs actions on it

Try to do Attach browser and then Attach window inside it.

Hi @Jay_Chacko, this might sound silly but just want to make sure that you turn off the highlight first, close the internet explorer browser and then try to click highlight again and see if it will highlight something. I just remember that the uipath highlight somehow retains on the screen after you close/remove the element it highlighted before.

still same, it does take like 10 seconds when the browser is closed , but still the result is true, When the browser is open, it only take a second or 2 to display true.

yes , closed everything restarted , still same

Can you attach your xaml here?