Generate-Yearly-Report- Element exist doesn't work

I can’t select the element on the page, it doesn’t recognize it

If you can use attach window with element exist then hope it will work or
let me know if not work or you can ping me on

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It doesn’t work, the problem is i can’t select it
I try it with other browser its the same problem, so i can’t continue the process

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sorry for late reply
but please ping me on
then only i can help you in better way

Hi @Soudios,

Instead of clicking on no record found, could you try selecting that pop up window’s title bar which would select whole window?

If you can share screenshot of that pop up, might be able to help better.


Here : As u can see i can’t select the pop up window

Hi @Soudios

Try tapping f4 to change the UiFramework when using the “indicate element on screen” for this activity. There are a few frameworks to work with, so tap it a few times and try each one. One of the other options may work better for this particular problem.

Hi @BenZee

I already tried your option i can’t select the pop up window, if you have script for chrome don’t hesitate :slight_smile:

I’m able to select that popup using both the AA framework and the default. If you’ve already tried it with default and AA, I’d then check Studio to ensure that the Chrome extension is properly installed (Home, Tools, under UiPath Extensions - Chrome).

I just reinstall the extension but the problem is still here, i don’t know what is the problem

Sorry to hear that!

When you change UiFrameworks to either default or AA, does it change what you can select at all? Or is it all the same regardless?

When i change UiFrameworks the selector select the all page and freeze
Maybe the problem is in the chrome settings ?

Yikes. That doesn’t sound like what I’d expect. Its possible there is something on the chrome side of this, but beyond checking your extensions (menu - more tools - extensions) to ensure that its enabled there, I’m not sure what could be done with that.

What if you hit f3 when indicating on screen? Does it allow you to select a region? Or does that freeze up too?

in the Open Browser activity have you assigned the browser type to chrome?


I can select a region after clicking on indicate element and press f2 and after that click on “Download report” to let the pop up windows visible and then i can select region. But when i do this the selector select all the page.



you can try going to uiexplorer and options>UiFramework and change to active accesibility.

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Also for this exercise you can add any element on the pop up, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the entire pop up.

make Sure you have added good selectors to recognize this character and validate through the uiexplorer.

The UI doesn’t reconize the pop up, can u send me the actvity with the good selector, i will copy past it on my process