Unable to identify button on pop up window

Folks, I am unable to solve this issue- I am tried to locate an element as attached. When there is a pop up, when a wrong credential given a pop-up screen is shown. I am unable to indicate the element. Also, tried using web recording but no luck. kindly help.


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Please try to use UI Explorer to comfirm pop-up window element .

Sample workflow to check login failed popup window.
CheckPopUp.zip (13.7 KB)

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Fine unless it is a Citrix you won’t be able to choose the element in a browser which can be either a Chrome or IE
Even in Citrix it’s now possible with COMPUTER VISION ACTIVITIES

We can try with that
If we are Not working with Citrix environment and
we are using Chrome we need to install the Chrome extension

Even after installing the chrome extension it doesn’t work make sure that chrome and uipath studio is restarted once after installing the chrome extension
Even after restarting if that doesn’t work then we can try with our default browser IE and that would work for sure
—fine how to do this
—for using Click activity make sure that we have used a ATTACH WINDOW activity and then within that a click activity
But it seems like you are unable to choose the element itself
In that case
-first use a element exists or image exists activity and choose that pop up window as as a element or image and Get the output with the variable of type Boolean names bool_exists
—now use a if condition like this
bool_exists = True
If true it will go to Then Part where’s
Next to the type
With keys as tab and use n number of send hot key activity until it reaches the field we want to press
Once after reaching use enter as hot key

That would click for sure
Hope this would help you
Cheers @rnadella

Thanks for your reply, The issue is when select with IE edge browser type to be precise.

Can you please explain more, what you mean by IE edge browser to be precise

Browser type is edge

The issue is still present.
In the Microsoft Edge browser type, pop-up windows are not recognized at all. Trying to use UIExplorer > Indicate Element, it will select the background elements, while not being aware a pop-up exists in the foreground.

Solution or workaround much appreciated. Thanks!