Not able to identify ok button in prompts window

Hi All,

In RDP when I try to indicate select okay button in prompts window in excel it is highlighting full prompts window instead ok button but when my team member took same RDP able to identify the okay button without any issue.

Can you tell me what is missing in my access or what is stopping me to identify the element?

Thanks in advance.



Hi @ramakrishna-reddy.tummala

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Can you check the Resolution of the system?


we both are using 1920X1080.
Other elements from excel i am able to identify and other applications are running fine

HI @ramakrishna-reddy.tummala please check your resolution of the RDP machine

RDP machine resolution is 1920X1080 and the other person also using same resolution

HI @ramakrishna-reddy.tummala

Can you check resolution in your local system?


Where the UiPath studio is intalled , in RDP or on your local system?

Please find the screenshots


Local machine → Citrix–> RDP(Studio)

Okay so are you using the computer vision or native selector method for automation?

Process is already developed and i trying to identify using UI explore to get ok button selector in production

Try this method

Open UiExplorer and click option then select active accessibility method and indicate the selector

These is also not working :frowning:

Install remote runtime in your remote server and then try the selector.