Indication on screen with click, select item, element exists activities not working - inside of VM, studio is also in VM

I am trying to indicate on screen with help of click, select item, element exists activities inside of a ‘VM’, My uipath stuido and bot is also in VM itself. The indication is very very odd. Its not even recognizing the elements, as normal in yellow box.
If i select a UI element with mouse in particular, it shows different icon in [studio] and not taking it.

I am trying to indicate elements in chrome browser, tried even in explorer, it didn’t work.
Any issue with packages?
Please suggest the solution ASAP.

hi @sybasha,

Can you try To indicate elements using UiExplorer - Try to Indicate on the Task Bar/ My computer and see if its working…


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didn’t work

Was it working Prior to this and you are facing this issue now ?
what is the Studio version your are Using and the OS ?

  1. You can try by Updating the Activities version to the Latest .
  2. Re Install Uipath

Below is A Link - Have a look