Help with recognizing an ui element

I am tying to select the company (from inside the window) or at least click ok (at buttom), but somehow uiexplorer can not see either.
note this window pops up when i open the browser (on .asp) as company needs to be selected before i can log into the erp.
it feels like onion peel, window inside another window

any advice?

@Attila1, put the Element Exist activity after the Open Browser and take the Selector of Ok button. If it exists then you can click the ‘Ok’ button(use full Selector).

Michael Udhaya

Thanks for quick reply,

I tried that also tried to modify in uiexplorer, but somehow “OK” and lines for “company code” is not visible /recognized at all. i tried web, citrix recording as last resort.

Not sure how to proceed

Try with Image Exists and Image Click.

you can try this with computer vision activities.
I have left you the link of uipath academy. This activity is really useful, hope this will solve your problems.;lp=35

thank you, that is new activity. i will try that.