Not able to get captcha text using OCR's

Hi Team,

I am new to UIPath, not able tp get the text from captcha using the available OCR’s in UIPath studio, I had gone through many blogs and FAQ’s but no suggestions worked out, below is the sample image to extract the text. any suggestions on this issue.



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Hi @batchuraja,

There is an existing thread regarding this on the forum, try if a suggestion from this thread and see if it works for you?

I could see that they have had a descriptive discussion and the post has been updated recently, so chances are that you might be able to find a someone or something there since it seems there are people actively working on it.

Also do let know what worked for you, if in-case you do find something!

All the Best!



Have a look into this thread, they solved using deathbycaptcha.


i am not getting captcha properly by using GOOGLE OCR activity
if there is any activity to get proper output please help me