How to Deal with captcha

Hi all. Please help me. I have a webpage which contains the captcha to go through into website. In captcha, I have a 6 -7 alphanumeric character and I have to put that character into the text box below.
If I use death by captcha then how will I use it?
Help Please

The purpose of Captcha is to avoid Bots, hence 100% automation is not possible if there is a captcha and human intervention is unavoidable. There are work around where the captch can be mailed to a human and human being send the captcha text back by mail which Bot can read and process. Again there is a challenge, the Captcha is valid of few seconds.

Hi @Sandeep_Kumar2,
Try using services like 2captcha, deathbycaptcha etc…
That’s paid service, but can be used to solve the issues.

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Hi @Sandeep_Kumar2

See these


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I also would like an answer to the OP’s question. Please note (@shankm, @Sandeep_Kumar2) his question is not about what service to use, it is about HOW to use the service in UIPath

Hi @john5,
You can use
*http request activity
*Invoke code activity
*You can create custom activity
To communicate with the services like 2captcha, deathbycaptcha etc…

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Hi did you find any accurate way to automate captcha, I am facing the same issue, have to extract the text from the captcha box. image . can you please suggest how can I deal with Captcha issue.

Hi @balkishan,
Have you tried Microsoft vision or Google cloud vision?

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This thing will not work here.

Ok, I also had a situation like this in one of my client side. That was something more complex captcha than this. The issue is then solved by using python and custom machine learning model. I trained a model and used that to predict the characters in the captcha. That worked well. By using this method you can avoid the cost of third party services like Google or Microsoft vision too.

Hi Shankm, Could you please share more details about the custom machine learning model?

Hi @ValathappanSivaraman ,
In this case you may not need to build a custom model for predicting the Captcha images. You can use any pre trained models like Inception V3, ResNet etc…

here i’m sharing a good example for retraining the inception model with our custom data set. Check out

Retrain the model as described in the above link and use it for your prediction.

api true captcha org has a neural network model to solve captchas. I am using it for my captcha similar to yours

Hi, How do you use it ? are you using Http Request for the API?

Move process of captcha solution to your telegram!) Or anyone else)