Read Captcha text

How can i read text from captcha image, correctly? Is there any component for this?

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Already used get OCR text but not coming properly .

No. Captchas are made this way so bots cannot solve them.

You won’t be able to solve them with UiPath activities. There are external services which might do them (but even they use humans sometimes) and have an API, but other than that, you cannot do this unattended.

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Hi @Jeevanantham

which OCR did u tried for capctha extraction?


which ocr u are using there , like tesseract ocr or other?

Tesseract OCR

For this kind of captcha data extraction try out high premium ocrs like google/microsoft azure ocr

It would help u in this cases

But Microsoft ocr i got error message Get OCR Text IMG “imgcaptcha”: Error performing OCR:Unable to intialize Microsoft engine Microsoft error create engine

Hi @Jeevanantham,

have you tried with Omni page OCR, that one is good for extracting text from images.

Also, I see you have marked this topic under Task Capture, have you tried extracting it in task capture as well using Grab text functionality there? Does it work?


Still we are facing same issue . Any other option to read ocr clearly…

Hi! some tools are available to extract the captcha but the saddest thing is which we need to pay for it. but i have an solution. you can enter that captcha manually by using inputdailogue. i too have posted the same query in forum which i need to extract the captcha from GST website which is striked. till now didn’t get any solution for that.


Hi @Jeevanantham,

Which OCR are you trying to read it with and which activity you are using?

Have you tried directly using OCR like below instead of using ‘Get OCR text’?


Likewise, there are many OCR engines, you want to use them to verify if any OCR is able to read the same?