Extracting text from captcha

can any one please help me in extracting data from the captcha, i am unable to fetch the data from captcha, screenshot attachedCapture .


You can try to Get OCR text activity to get the data from captcha.

@Manoj_Gandham1 This captcha cannot be broken.

I have tried it many times.

You have to manually type the captcha in GST portal.

Hello @Manoj_Gandham1
I am afraid but manually entering captcha or using one of the online captcha solver is your only option
I will recommend let the user do the captcha solving work

UiPath OCR activities will not support captchas, As UiPath has OCR for clear images, but captchas are different.

Thanks @Manoj_Gandham1

thank you all, i tried with different ways but i think there is no other way to automate captcha by using uipath, hence we have to use input dialogue.