Extract text from the captcha

Hi, still I am not able to find the stable activity in uipath which can extract the text from the captcha. @loginerror is there any activity in uipath which can extract the captcha text.
screenshot attached. image
@Palaniyappan @Lahiru.Fernando can you suggest with this issue.

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This link my help you,

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None of the person posted a real solution how to deal with the Captcha.
Why do we need to call a API for every time, I have a doubt this thing will work for long lasting in the production env.


Yes they did: the real solution to deal with captchas is to use a third-party tool specifically designed to beat them. Automating captchas, especially more complex modern ones, is outside the scope of what is reasonable to do with RPA. OCR and the CV activities could probably be used to automate the simplest of captchas but any sites that implement a more modern service like reCaptcha will not be automatable this way.

Basically captcha is a security level function, so hope any application will not provide it as Solution to manage captcha by ethical manner .

Anyway you can try above friends said and will suggest something for u

Try UIpath screen scrapping and map it to google ocr or Microsoft ocr (on uipath)

If you really need this , if you able to map 3rd party applications like ABBYY (best for ocr) you can easy capture this captcha.

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Automations with captchas may work for you time being. In a long run it won’t.

What if the captcha got change in the future or what if they have different captcha generation styles once in a month/week/day. Your workflow will fail and will increase the maintenance costs.

Even if the background changes, OCR fails to read the exact text.

Just my opinion.

Karthik Byggari


I was also reading on this scenario because of this question… I also think that it should be handled as a part of the attended automation. These parts should be given to a human to intervene and provide the inputs and afterwords, the robot can take over from there with the remaining tasks.

I think this is the best possible way to handle it. Also considering the points mentioned by my friend @KarthikByggari, I suggest to leave it as a attended automation part where human would do it for the robot…


for abbyy, we need a licensed version of abbyy. so it’s quite diff to manage for a abbyy license only for this simple captcha. image

Hi @Lahiru.Fernando @KarthikByggari Thanks for your suggestion. Bur It’s not possible in my case , I have lot of site which open and closing multiple times, As this process will run in night time. So who will be sitted at night to give the input to the robot.

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yes , you are right its bit of expensive
so as my other friends said like its better have human interaction but i know its match with your requirement
so i think you better go for a different module like python or something
go through below link you might be helpful

Another book if you interest


Hey @balkishan, did you ever manage to solve this issue, please share some information